Note: Enrolment for this course is closed.

The purpose of this 4-module self-directed course is to further and deepen our understanding of one another so that our love flourishes and motivates us to be the best partner we can be. The course is not meant to replace counselling or therapy for in-depth issues in the marriage. Rather, this course is to enhance marriage therapy.

Successful participants committed approximately 3-4 hours of learning for the course.


Please note: Enrollment for this course is NOW CLOSED.

This 5-week facilitated course is targeted to community workers looking to create new youth services or improve existing ones.

Participants learn about:

  1. Settlement challenges faced by immigrant and refugee youth in Ontario
  2. Steps to address challenges identified and to make youth settlement services more effective
  3. The Inclusion Model for Sports and Recreational Programming
  4. Good Practice Criteria and Attributes of an Effective Newcomer Youth program

Successful participants commit approximately 2-3 hours of learning each week.