Technical Requirements

To access the full features of interactive slides and course quizzes, you will need to use an actual desktop computer or laptop.

  • Although the interactive slides have been set to be accessible for mobile devices such as iPads, the iPad's mobile Safari browser currently has limitations that affect how multimedia appears and operates.
  • Although the free Articulate Mobile Player app was developed to get around these limitations and provide learners with the best possible experience on iPad, there are currently still some problems.

If you have no access to a desktop computer or laptop, please access the module contents using the printer-friendly PDF version to read the modules' content.

Using computer desktops or laptops:

To access, navigate, and participate in on your Learn At Work course effectively, you will need to have:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A web browser with javascript and cookies enabled.
  • Pop-up blockers disabled. Pop-up windows are essential for viewing the content of each course module.

Recommended web browsers
Not all browsers fully support Moodle functions. The following are the browser versions the recommended for the current version of Moodle we use. If you are unsure what browser you are using, find out by clicking here.

For Windows
Google Chrome: latest version
Mozilla Firefox: latest version

For Mac
Google Chrome: latest version
Mozilla Firefox: latest version
Safari: latest version

Browsers not listed above may lack some Moodle functionality. Please update to the latest version to ensure full access.

Trouble shooting
If you use Internet Explorer 11 and cannot download or access one of the browsers recommended above, you might find that the interactive format of the course modules show up blank. Here are two possible solutions:

Solution 1:

Resize the browser by clicking on the Restore down or Maximize icon on the top right of the browser. It doesn't matter which one. This should enable the interactive format.

Solution 2:

  • At the top of the browser, click on Tools.
  • Scroll down and click on Compatibility View Settings.
  • Under the "Add this website" field, type in "".
  • Click on "Add"
  • At the bottom click on "Close"

If the interactive format is still not showing, you may need to click the refresh button on your browser.

If you are not certain what version of web browser you are using, open your browser and:
Click on the HELP function in your browser.
Find and select the text that says (for example) "About Internet Explorer”. You will then see a page describing what version you are using.

How to View Each Module's Content

In each module, look for the little icon of a brown box that looks like this: SCORM Package. After locating it, click on the icon to view the contents of each module. These make up the core of the course. To test if you can view the contents, look for and click on this little brown icon in this Introduction and Orientation Unit. It is the last item. A new window will pop up with a test slide saying "Congratulations!...".

If you experience technical difficulties using Learn At Work, please open a ticket at at Learnatwork support.