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    This self-directed training covers how to provide effective information & referral to newcomers in the area of employment. It is targeted at frontline settlement workers, who have little to no experience in employment counselling. It explores how to do a basic assessment of a client’s employment needs, the employment services that are available locally and online resources. It also explores how to build partnerships with and make effective referrals to employment services.

    Cette formation auto-dirigée porte sur la façon d’offrir efficacement des services d’information et d’aiguillage aux nouveaux arrivants dans le domaine de l’emploi. Elle s’adresse aux travailleurs en établissement de première ligne qui ont peu ou pas d’expérience en counselling d'emploi. Elle explore comment effectuer l’évaluation de base des besoins d’un client en matière d’emploi, les services d’emploi offerts localement et les ressources en ligne. Elle explore également l’établissement de partenariats avec les services d’emploi et l’aiguillage efficace à ces services.

    This self-directed on-line learning course is designed to build on your existing financial management skills by enhancing your knowledge of Financial Statements & ReportsBudgetsForecasts & Reserve FundsFinancial AnalysisAuditsFinancial Sustainability and Risk Management.

    This self-directed course addresses the issues of mental health and the unique challenges that immigrants and refugees face that may increase their risk of developing mental health difficulties.

    Cette formation auto-dirigée porte sur des questions de santé mentale ainsi que sur les défis uniques auxquels les immigrants et les réfugiés doivent faire face et qui peuvent augmenter leur risque de développer des problèmes de santé mentale.

    This self-directed online course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to assist you in increasing the capacity among immigrant and refugee youth as a means of building an inclusive Canadian society and contribute to the prevention of crime.
    This self-directed training is intended for immigrant service and other community-based organizations that are in a unique capacity to reach vulnerable and/or isolated immigrant women and their communities. It addresses the need to enhance domestic violence prevention strategies to reach immigrant and refugee women, including women without legal immigration status, trafficked women and women from racialized low-income communities.
    This self-directed course provides participants with knowledge and tools helpful in aiding victims of family violence. It offers information on:
    • basic immigration and refugee law concepts relevant in the context of family violence
    • immigration and refugee law obstacles that immigrant, refugee and non-status victims of family violence face when they try to leave an abusive family relationship
    • legal solutions for a victim to obtain immigration status in Canada

    This self-directed training is intended for settlement service providers and anyone who frequently provides services to immigrants, refugees and undocumented women. It is for people who are not familiar with domestic violence issues and whose role as a service provider is to make an appropriate referral when they encounter a woman who is dealing with domestic violence.

    Cette autoformation porte sur les obstacles à l’offre de services d’établissement holistiques à l’intention des nouveaux arrivants aux prises avec un handicap. Cette formation cible tout particulièrement les intervenants de première ligne en établissement ainsi que le personnel de gestion. Ce cours à distance a été conçu de manière à attirer davantage l’attention sur ce groupe marginalisé, afin que nous puissions continuer notre œuvre commune de les aider à s’intégrer.

    This self-directed training covers barriers to wholistic settlement services for newcomers with disabilities experience. It is specifically targeted to train frontline settlement workers and management staff. This online course was designed with the intention of bringing greater attention to this marginalized group so we can continue to work together to support them during their integration.

    Cette formation auto-dirigée est conçue pour aider les organismes de services aux immigrants et réfugiés à créer des espaces accueillants et sécuritaires pour les nouveaux arrivants LGBTQ (lesbiennes, gais, bisexuels, transsexuels, queer et/ou en questionnement).

    This self-directed training aims to support the immigrant and refugee serving sector to more effectively serve LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, asexual, pansexual, intersex, etc.) newcomers.

    This 5-week self-directed introductory-level course is to help front line practitioners working with immigrant and refugee communities to better understand issues of sexual violence and develop a supportive response for survivors.  The focus will not only be on abuse that can occur within intimate relationships but also sexual violence that is perpetuated by family members, friends, acquaintances, those in positions of power and strangers. 

    Successful participants committed approximately 3-4 hours of learning each week.

    Interested in this training topic?
    Please consider taking other courses under the category "Violence Prevention"

    Welcome! This 7-week facilitated course is designed to help you as front line practitioners gain the skills required to deliver financial literacy workshops in your community. 

    As a participant, you will spend approximately 2-4 hours learning each week. Your tasks will include working through the module, participating in forum discussions and evaluation.

    The evaluation component of this course will include an optional short feedback survey after the completion of each module and a mandatory post-training survey after the completion of the entire course. 

    Enjoy the course!

    CIC-funded project to deliver a PD Partner training course to eligible LINC instructors in Ontario. The contents are open only to existing students enrolled in the course.

    Please note: Enrollment for this course is NOW CLOSED.